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I have a listbox in my silverlight usercontrol and I am filling it with a generic list of a private class, for some reason it is not being databound.

Here is the code :

class userClient
    public int characterID { get; set; }
    public string characterName { get; set; }

List<userClient> userClientList; // = new List<userClient>();

void _client_UserList(object sender, DataTransferEventArgs e)
    this.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
        userClientList = new List<userClient>();
        foreach (string user in e.DataTransfer.Data)
            var userDetailsArray = user.Split('+');
            userClient uc = new userClient
                characterID = Convert.ToInt32(userDetailsArray[0]),
                characterName = userDetailsArray[1]

        chatUsers.ItemsSource = userClientList;
        chatUsers.DisplayMemberPath = "characterName";

I checked the generic list userClientList and it is being filled up so there is no problems there.

This is the XAML of the listbox:

<ListBox x:Name="chatUsers" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" Margin="2 2 2 2" />
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Do you have any binding errors messages logged in Output Window in Visual Studio?


Just noticed that your collection is a field while it should be public property

public ObservableCollection<userClient> userClientList { get; set; }
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Forgot about the output window the following error popped up: Cannot get 'characterName' value (type 'System.String') from 'Yambushi.CombatRoom+userClient' (type 'Yambushi.CombatRoom+userClient'). BindingExpression: Path='characterName' DataItem='Yambushi.CombatRoom+userClient' (HashCode=56478042); target element is 'System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock' (Name=''); target property is 'Text' (type 'System.String').. System.MethodAccessException: userClient.get_characterName() – Drahcir May 9 '09 at 13:33
This means that binding engine do not have access to the getter of a property. make your userClientList collection public, userClient class public and properties in it public as well. – Jarek Kardas May 9 '09 at 13:39

Thank you! Thank you Mokosh! The error -- System.Windows.Data Error: 39 : BindingExpression path error -- drove me crazy through two WPF books without finding the answer that you emphasized -- I didn't create properties on my class members.

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