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im trying to make a lightbox popup that triggers is the user has not been to the site before telling them about a offer ... like the one here (if youve been there befor you need to clear your cookies )

any way id like to do it using the fancybox lightbox as im using it on my page else where already, i was trying to figure it out from here but the link to the jquery cookie libary is down.

any idea on where i can find a replacment / is this the best way to do it ?


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Using the utility functions at the bottom of this page: (createCookie and readCookie)

  if (readCookie("hasVisitedBefore") == null){
     //code to create popup here
  createCookie("hasVisitedBefore", "true");

This will set a cookie using javascript when the user loads the page. If the cookie wasn't set when they arrived then you can launch your normal popup code.

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is this cookie using javascript or jquery ? fancybox is a jquery lightbox will it work with it ? – user1037444 Dec 8 '11 at 19:32

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