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In my project i am going to un-zip the file which is in the SD-Card.

But the files are zipped using a client certificate to ensure that they zip cannot be unzipped on a device that is not authorized to see files. So, using gpg we use gpg-zip with client certificate on our side to create zip file -- the client certificate is installed on device so gpg-unzip should be able to only unzip if it has correct certificate. "

So, I have to un-zip the file using GPG.

Is it possible ? and how ?

Thanks in Advance.

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Did you solved it?? Can you give some idea?? – sur007 Oct 29 '13 at 4:08
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It's possible, but you have to work for it. There is an open source library called Bouncy Castle which, among other things, can provide GPG decryption on Android.

Here's another related question: Is there a good GnuPG encryption library for Java/Scala?

Here's the Bouncy Castle homepage:

And here's an example of it in use:

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