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I'm trying to write a query which will get the maximum scores for the most popular songs, in order of song popularity.

I have a table called "gameplay" with the following fields:

  • id
  • song_id
  • score
  • (plus some other arbitrary fields)

So far, the closest I've got is this:

SELECT id, song_id, score
    SELECT id, song_id, score
    FROM (
        SELECT id, song_id, score
        FROM gameplay
        ORDER BY score DESC
        ) AS all_scores_in_order
    GROUP BY song_id
    ) AS top_scores_per_song
ORDER BY FIELD (song_id, 3,1,2)

But I would like the values in ORDER BY FIELD to be generated by another subquery - the song_id ranked by popularity (in order of counting row occurrences in table) ie.

SELECT song_id
FROM gameplay
GROUP BY song_id
ORDER BY count( id ) DESC
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Can't you just group and then order by Count(id) in the outer query?

This should show all sorts sorted by the number of occurrences, and showing the max score:

SELECT song_id, COUNT(id), MAX(score)
FROM gameplay
GROUP BY song_id
ORDER count(id) DESC

Or do you want each song_id to appear several times?

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I've clearly been over-thinking this, I didn't realise SELECT MAX(score) would select the max score from each grouping as opposed to selecting only the max of the whole table! Thanks Cylindric :) –  Philip Bulley Dec 8 '11 at 15:35
Oh, I've built some beautiful huge queries that ended up being replaced with a simple one-liner GROUP or some tricky OVER clause that I missed :) –  Cylindric Dec 8 '11 at 15:40

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