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How do I generate a audio and video preview function exactly like it is in Dropbox iPhone app? Is it AVPlayer or MPMoviePlayer? Or is it custom made controls and slider? I need exact same controls and slider option. Also I need to play the video and audio using a web service. The files are on the server. So I need to buffer them and play them as they get buffered. Please suggest some help.

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I'm not sure what is in the Dropbox app.

AVPlayer doesn't include any search etc. controls, and adding them yourself is fiddly. Consider instead MPMoviePlayerViewController (a newer controller class which wraps the old MPMoviePlayerController).

Be aware of the iOS limitations of whatever classes/techniques you use. For example, if you want your code to work pre-iOS3.2, you need to use MPMoviePlayerController directly (when running on iOS < 3.2) instead of MPMoviePlayerViewController. If the device iOS >= 3.2, you use MPMoviePlayerViewController.

Disclaimer: I don't know all of your requirements etc. For a good overview of the complicated history of multimedia APIs, check out this page.

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