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How can I configure splunk with log files residing on remote unix servers?

Normally I log into putty to a linux server, from there I ssh into another company server and I navigate through directories and perform my operations mainly as cat, zcat etc., with grep filters. Ex:

  1. login to example_server with putty
  2. ssh to ssh_server
  3. cd to req dir
  4. perform cat etc.,

ssh_server will not directly allow to be logged in from putty, I have to first login to example_server and then to ssh_server.

How can I configure these log files to be used by splunk to search for a string, similarly to how I use grep. I've installed splunk on my laptop, and by clicking add data > files and dir > add new it shows full path to the data field, what path should I fill it with?

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The easiest answer is to install the Splunk Universal Forwarder (UF) on the remote Linux system. The UF is free and requires no license.

For more info -

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In case it is not possible to install any new binary on the monitored server (like in my case) you should evaluate other options:

  • using the get log data from script option in splunk and creating a script looking like : ssh user@ cat /var/logs/logfile.log warning: it will blow your index if you have a short polling interval and big logs, as each log event is registered every time you poll the file.

  • using a cron job runnig rsync to mirror the logs on the splunk server localy: the job would look like this /usr/bin/rsync -az user@ /var/remoteLogs/ In this case every added line will only generate a single log event i splunk

for both solutions installed SSH keys are mandatory

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