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I'm looking for a way to add an extra layer to a PDF document. The layer should be on top of existing layers and should display a text I want to put on there, kind of like a watermark. At the moment we have a way of doing this, but this just adds the text onto the picture embedded in the PDF, that's not what I want. Anyone has any ideas if there are libraries (free ones would be great) which do this?

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Will try, I need to check that the text on the PDF remains text and doesn't get converted to an image. That seemed to happen on other examples I tried. But thanks! I'll let you know. – Jasper Dec 8 '11 at 14:46
Highly recommend iTextSharp as well. I use it almost every day and it does exactly what you are asking for and doesn't rasterize anything. In fact, it actually doesn't have the capability to rasterize anything. – Chris Haas Dec 8 '11 at 19:12

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We user MigraDoc,

More specifically the PdfSharp library in PdfSharp.dll,

PdfDocument doc = PdfReader.Open(pdf1Point4FileDataStream, PdfDocumentOpenMode.Modify)

foreach (PdfPage page in doc.Pages)
    page.Orientation = PdfSharp.PageOrientation.Portrait;
    var gfx = XGraphics.FromPdfPage(page, XGraphicsPdfPageOptions.Append, XPageDirection.Downwards);

    gfx.DrawString(approvalWatermark, approvalFont, watermarkBrush, new XPoint((page.Width - maxWidth + approvalDiff) / 2 - space - moveLeft, page.Height / 2 - height1 - space), format);

Just a bit of code taken from our project, so it is a bit incomplete. Take a look at the library and classes, there will be some documentation around.

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PDFKit.NET is not free but it does what you want like this:

using (FileStream fileIn = new FileStream(...))
   Document pdf = new Document(fileIn);
   Page page = pdf.Pages[0];

   TextShape text = new TextShape("some text", Font.Helvetica, 12);
   text.Transform = new TranslateTransform(x, y);
   // you can use any kind of transform, scale, rotate, combinations, etc.

   using (FileStream fileOut = new FileStream(...))

Disclaimer: I work at TallComponents, vendor of this library.

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