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I am new to wordpress and I want to create an interface for being able to access my database hosted on wordpress in my mobile applications - particularly iPhone and Android.

As these do not directly access SQL databases and would need routines on the server-side for being able to do so, what would be the best way for me to go about writing these routines/web-service calls?

Are there any wordpress plugins available for this? If not, what language should I use - php or something else?

I need some lead.

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Perhaps you do not need to access the database directly?

Wordpress supports the XML-RPC standard interface so applications can communicate with WP across the internet, without needing access to WP's database.

If you choose to implement your apps' using XML-RPC, all your communication will be reduced to simple HTTP calls.

To get started I suggest checking out the source code of Wordpress' own iPhone application, which utilizes XML-RPC

Also, note that Wordpress has published an extension to the XML-RPC API that includes WP specific functions:

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Instead of creating a new app, or trying to port the database, check out WP Touch, which is a Wordpress plugin/theme which will turn your wordpress install into an iPhone friendly site on iPhones.

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I would suggest creating a webapp (iPhone style) for the phone application and calling everything with AJAX to a PHP (Due to Wordpress running PHP) backend to validate and execute the queries. iPhone webapps dev link I haven't found any solid tutorial/resource for developing BlackBerry webapps (Please post back if you find one)

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