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I programmed a Virtual Keyboard (On Screen Keyboard) as a Silverlight Web Application, now I want to use this Keyboard in an other Silverlight Application (call the Keyboard when clicking a Textbox). I thought I could create a .dll and use this in my other Application.

So is it possible to create a .dll File from a Silverlight Web Application?

Thank you for reading,

Knut Hansen

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You simply need to convert it into a Silverlight Class Library. There are some things to look out for, but it isn't too hard.

It is one of the options when you create a new project in Visual Studio.

See Microsoft's documentation for more info:

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Thank you very much Chris for your reply. – Knut Hansen Dec 8 '11 at 15:05

also you can think of a web service, in this way your application can be used by anyone else, of course you can specify users of your app. I think web services are more recent and using them is more future-oriented, give it a go!

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Hi Ali, thanks for your reply! Thats a very good idea I didnt think about that! Thank you very much! – Knut Hansen Dec 8 '11 at 15:04

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