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Rails... pretty hard to learn from 0 Im making project about autosop. 1 user makes advertisement, sets, where he is going, and other users can join him. I have problem adding action, since i just dont know how to make it. I have made already authorization, autentification. Where things get tricky - i have 2 scaffolds - Advertisement (user fills form with data). And AdvertisementCommitment(dont even need scaffold imho, but.. ok). In Database - it is user_id and advertisement_id. At the moment, User can make advertisement. If i go to /advertisements index page, i get all advertisements listed nicely. I want to add a link to each advertisement - to commit.

Question - where and what i need to do, to make this action work ? How to pass that advertisement to advertisement_commitment ?


<%= link_to "Join", { :controller => 'advertisement_commitments',
  :user_id => current_user.id, :advertisement_id => advertisement.id}, 
  :method => :post %>

maybe it will be useful for someone :)

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have a look at http://ruby.railstutorial.org/

You will then have a better idea of how Rails works, and how you can get Rails to do what you want...

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