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I have the following tables:


id tag_name


id category heading


id tag_id example_id

How can I retrieve the number of examples under each tag? (a bit like stackoverflow actually :))

I also want an additional condition of the type: examples.category = "english examples"

This is how I started ...

SELECT, tags.tag_name, COUNT( examples_tags.tag_id ) AS 'no_tags'
WHERE = examples_tags.tag_id

examples.category = 'english examples'


Thanks .

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Without joins correct would be next:

SELECT, tags.tag_name, COUNT(*) AS num_tags
FROM tags, examples_tags, examples
WHERE = examples_tags.tag_id 
    and examples.category = 'english examples'
GROUP BY, tags.tag_name

You need to group by all non-aggregated fields.

Otherwise you could use inner join, makes query more readable:

SELECT, tags.tag_name, COUNT(*) AS num_tags
FROM tags 
    inner join examples_tags on
    inner join examples on
WHERE examples.category = 'english examples'
GROUP BY, tags.tag_name
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This is a 3 table join, using the many-to-many table examples_tags in the middle between the tags and examples tables. You also have to group by every column that is not an aggregate in the select list.

SELECT, t.tag_name, COUNT( *) AS 'no_tags'
FROM tags t
 JOIN examples_tags et
   ON = et.tag_id
 JOIN examples e
   ON e.example_id =
  e.category = 'english examples'
GROUP BY, t.tag_name
ORDER BY t.tag_name
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