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I am a new developer on the Android platform.

I would like a guideline for how to develop Android games.

First of all I want to ask questions about the development platform. I've tried to develop the game on system with the following configuration: Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz 2GB RAM. Intel gp33 motherboard with built in graphics and sound card and Dell Core i3 laptop with 4GB RAM.

On both platforms, the Eclipse emulator becomes slow. I was confused that I may need a higher configured system or maybe I may build the game on a device instead of the emulator. I have no device and I count really that the device I will buy will work with the developer kit.

I want to inform you that one of my friend bought HTC wildfire to use app from the Android market but when he bought he saw that it does not support Android market. We are unable to know what the problem is with the device. That is why I want some advice what I will do to be a Android game developer.

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If you register as a developer on the Android Market, they provide links to purchase developer phones - specifically for application development. –  Phil Dec 8 '11 at 15:07

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The speed of the emulator is but one of its numerous problems. Unfortunately, developing with the emulator only is a pain and becomes impossible as soon as you venture further and want to try OpenGL, which is essential for many games. OpenGL is not supported by current emulators.

You will ultimately have to buy a device to go on.

Your system configuration is reasonable for develpment with current IDEs like eclipse or Intellij.

A great resource for beginning game development with android is this book. I found it to be very focused and to the point.

EDIT: The device selection is a very much a matter of personal preference with respect to screen size and other characteristics. The market is also very active and competitive, so I am not able to give a sound advice that would still be valid tomorrow. The devices offered also vary with the country. That said, I am not aware of a model introduced this year that I would advise against.

As a developer you would need to test your app with different platform versions and screen sizes. While the compatibility can be tested with jenkins and the emulator-plugin, the UX can't. This might be an argument for purchasing a device with characteristics you can't borrow from your friends but still have to test on.
You could prefer a device with confirmed ICS release to be able to test for the newest platform, or you might want to make sure that your app runs smoothly on a low-end phone. If you want to switch ROMs and platforms, you would rather to select a phone where it's easy.

The bottom line being that almost any device will be useful to a different extent.

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can you give me any advice that which device should i buy. will it be the device which support android 3.0 or which will support on 2.3. and will any device which runs on android operating system will be useful. –  Bipul Chandra Dev Nath Dec 9 '11 at 2:40
@BipulChandraDevNath - edited the answer wrt device selection –  kostja Dec 9 '11 at 6:57

You can try to use a Virtual machine instead of the emulator. There are free versions like VirtualBox and then create a machine with Android x86, there's a HowTo in their website.

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Thanks for your replay. –  Bipul Chandra Dev Nath Dec 9 '11 at 2:38

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