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how to monitor current requests per second in Tomcat, using collectd. I was thinking about monitoring access.log and calculating requests with script and then converting it to collectd but maybe there is easier way to do it ? Or maybe there is a way to do it using jmx ? I was only able to find total requests and requests per thread.

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The JMX property you are looking for is called:


(That's in the syntax used by Zabbix 1.9.x for its JMX collection. You may need to translate that for your own use, and adjust for your own connector, IP and port) Naturally you'll want to track the change in that value per second to get your graph.

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I hope the following link contains the answer to your question. Try AppPerfect


Here's a screenshot: http://appperfect.com/images/agentless-monitor/agentless_monitor_apache.png

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I was hoping it can be done with collectd/jmx since I'm already monitoring everything else with that tool and dont want to use another tool just for requests/s –  user1087985 Dec 8 '11 at 15:44

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