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I'm using the spring-security-core plugin v. 1.2.6 (documentation). I want to implement the remember me functionality. Configuration and GSP is done well I think. But what do I have to do now in my LoginController to make it work? I can't find any tutorial or good documentation for it.

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If you look at the controller and GSPs that are generated by the plugin when you run the s2-quickstart script you can see how to implement it –  Dónal Dec 8 '11 at 16:56

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Nothing, it's on by default. Just make sure that the checkbox is there and has the name _spring_security_remember_me

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Burt, after login should I manually set rememberMe to true or something ? I'm using Spring Security Plugin with Grails 2.3.6 and the value of rememberMeParameter doesn't populate. Can you please suggestion ? –  AlexCon Feb 24 at 0:38
Also the hasCookie value is empty when I print it. –  AlexCon Feb 24 at 1:02

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