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I want to give a ipa file to a tester. I first create a new Provisioning profile that is ad hoc . After I download it and I see in organizer xcode could not find a valid private key certificate pair for this profile in your keychain. I tried to arhive application and create ipa but it does not work for the other programmmer. Where should i add the test.mobileprovision? When I create this one I choose the developer for which i have certificate in my keychain Thanks , Raluca

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xcode could not find a valid private key certificate pair for this profile in your keychain

seems to indicate that you have no Distribution certificate in your keychain.

To build ad-hoc applications, you will need a distribution certificate, as well as a distribution provisioning profile.

The guide in your Provisioning Portal explains step by step how to build an app for ad-hoc distribution:


Also here is good guide to help you build your app for ad-hoc.

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One way:

  • add devices UDID, you want use for testing, to Apple Developer portal
  • modify Profile by adding devices, application identifiers and developers at Apple Developer Portal
  • download and install profile in your system by drop profile to Library section in organizer
  • install profile to all tester's devices
  • download developer keys and install it via Keychain Access application
  • sign your build with this keys
  • then archive your build and share it to ipa via organizer

Also you can use 3rd services, such as testflight or Beta builder to share your application between testers.

Testflight mush easier then manual sending builds to testers.

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You need to refer steps for AdHoc Distribution

I think you need to login with your credentials at Developer Apple Login

Once you are logged in go through this link and read through it step by step.

I think this is the best solution you can get as this documentation guide is given by Apple


This has multiple steps like:

1. Generating a Certificate Signing Request

2. Submitting a Certificate Signing Request for Approval

3. Approving Certificate Signing Requests

4. Downloading and Installing Development Certificates

5. Saving your Private Key and Transferring to other Systems

I think if you read all this steps on the apple documentation at the given link then you don't need to refer to any other guide.


Then just you need to download your certificates and provisioning profile.


Just set the profile into your Project and Target Settings and then put proper Entitlements using "Entitlements.plist".


Once you have done that, just set up your project in AdHoc Scheme.


Clean your Project.


Go to Product -> Click on Build For -> "Build For Archiving"


Product -> Archive

Now your Archive can be obtained in your Organizer where in you can save it to disk with an IPA extension and send it your client.

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