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I have a button that glows in my app (subclass of UIButton). To animate the glowing i use the following method

- (void)glow

    [UIView animateWithDuration:1.0f 

                         if (glowingImageView_.alpha != 1.0f) {
                             [glowingImageView_ setAlpha:1.0f];
                         else {
                             [glowingImageView_ setAlpha:0.3f];

                     completion:^(BOOL finnished){

                         if (on_) {
                             [self glow];



It works fine running on iOS 5, but in iOS 4.3 my app stops handling any user interaction. Any one have any idea what might be causing this?


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Don't support iOS 4.3? There are many api changes throughout the versions of iOS, its not surprising that certain things are different. –  Richard J. Ross III Dec 8 '11 at 15:38

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According to the UIView Docs:

During an animation, user interactions are temporarily disabled for the views being animated. (Prior to iOS 5, user interactions are disabled for the entire application.) If you want users to be able to interact with the views, include the UIViewAnimationOptionAllowUserInteraction constant in the options parameter.

So in iOS 4.3, user interactions were disabled. Thats your problem.

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Thank you! Works perfect! –  Darren Findlay Dec 8 '11 at 15:53
This is a major change in iOS behavior. This answer does an excellent job of calling out this fact clearly. –  matt Dec 10 '11 at 15:22

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