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I have two tables src_pos and dest_pos.

The src_pos stores positions with longitude, latitude and altitude, while the dest_pos stores PosGIS Geometry object.

Now I want to move a bunch of data from src_pos to dest_pos with following plpgsql script. But it failed, because row vaiable (e.g. row_data.longitude) cannot be interpreted correctly. How can I overcome this problem!?

--create language 'plpgsql';
drop function createPosition();
create function createPosition() returns integer AS 
    updated INTEGER = 0;
    row_data src_pos%ROWTYPE;       
    FOR row_data IN SELECT * FROM src_pos
        INSERT INTO dest_pos (coord) VALUES (ST_GeomFromText('POINT(row_data.longitude row_data.latitude row_data.altitude)', 4326));
        updated := updated + 1;
    RETURN updated;
LANGUAGE 'plpgsql';
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found a possible solution ST_GeomFromText('POINT(' || row_data.longitude || ' ' || row_data.latitude || ' ' || row_data.altitude || ')', 4326) –  elgcom Dec 8 '11 at 15:45
Your solution is good...ST_GeomFromText reads from a string that you give it and will not understand the variables in the rest of your script. Using || to build out the ST_GeomFromText statement to include variables is your solution –  Twelfth Dec 8 '11 at 19:00

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In the comment you gave your own solution:

 ST_GeomFromText('POINT(' || row_data.longitude || ' ' || row_data.latitude || 
     ' ' || row_data.altitude || ')', 4326)

This is a perfectly good solution. I actually do something relatively similar in some cases in other areas of postgresql.

The fact is that every PostgreSQL type can be represented as text. If you are willing to manipulate these, you can transfer between types in ways that the normal type casting system does not allow.

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