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How can i mute | unmute a windows mobile pocket pc device (i'm using symbol MC70) programmatically? Waht API do I need to use?

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Try with waveOutSetVolume.
EDIT: Check this link too.

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waveOutSetVolume is only in Windows Mobile 6. –  plinth May 9 '09 at 14:09
@plinth: incorrect. It's been available since at least CE 2.0, so it's been in every version of Pocket PC and WinMo ever shipped. –  ctacke May 9 '09 at 17:54
Very good, then. I saw it in the reference for "new in sound APIs in Windows Mobile 6". –  plinth May 10 '09 at 11:02
@ctacke: what API to use for mute | unmute microphone? Thanks. –  Izmoto May 10 '09 at 20:46

You device runs Windows Mobile 5. From there you'll want to look at the Hardware Audio Mixer, which looks like the right API for setting/controlling audio properties on the device.

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