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How can i pass a post array to a functing then pull out the params i.e

so i am posting the following.

can i grab it like this from the function????

function login($_POST){

//then output the var her.

$_POST['url']; etc


this is to save me doing the following in my ajax.php file

function login($_POST['url'],$_POST['userId'],$_POST['location'],$_POST['lang']){


any help pls

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Concretise what isn't working with example two pls? –  mario Dec 8 '11 at 15:46
I think you should learn about functions in PHP first –  HerrSerker Dec 8 '11 at 15:51

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First you should use $_GET and not $_POST. Second you don't need to call your function parameter as $_GET. You can do this:

function login($array)
   // do stuff with array

and then call the function in this way:


An additional suggest is to read the following quote and that is the difference of actual parameters towards formal parameters:

Formal parameters are the parameters as they are known in the function definition. Actual parameters (also known as arguments) are what are passed by the caller.

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The other answers you have got should solve this problem for you.

Just some more advice, remember to clean any $_POST and $_GET data that you are using in your code.

For example, if you are using it in a database query then you will need to use mysql_real_escape_string(); and if you are echo'ing the data then use htmlentities();

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If I unserstand you correctly you want a function that you call and pass it an array (in your case the $_POST or $_GET array) as a parameter.

So your function would look something like this:

// not sure what you're doing with your login options but here's an example of getting them out of the array and putting them in variables - using the url as an example here...
var url;

function login($loginOptions) {

    // set the url from the array
    url = $loginOptions["url"];

    // do the same for all your other variable...

Then you would call your function like so:

login($_POST); // or $_login($_GET); depending on what you're using

And that's it!

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I think what you mean is parsing array to a function for this I will tell you to use a function and connected it with SESSION as this below. You can use the $_GET[$var] to retrieve the variable but it's quite hard to be handled by the method get, you can use the method $_POST and combine it with session to save the data , I will explain how to collaborate the session each page so that you can easily retrieve the variable you wanted. Here's the code :

    if(isset ($_POST['postedit']))
         $_SESSION['url'] = $_POST['urlsend'];
      <form action="satu.php" method="POST">
            Name : <input type="text" name="urlsend"> <br> <br>
            <input type="submit" name="postedit" value="SEND DATA">

if(isset ($_SESSION['url']))
    //if data empty then will be redirected to the previous page
   echo $_SESSION['url'];

I created with dynamic data even you can choose to use this method or other method. I hope you can understand.

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