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I'm trying to loop through a QHash using foreach and get each pair in the QHash and then get the keys and values of those so I can append them to a string.

Here's what I have

QString Packet::Serialize() {
    QString sBuilder = Command.toUpper() + " ";

    foreach(QMap<QString,QString> pair, Attributes) {
        sBuilder.append(pair); // i know this isn't right because I couldn't
                               // finish the statement 

The variable Attributes is the QHash.

Also, I realize the code is probably 100% wrong because I'm converting it from C#.

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Looks like you're trying to append each key/value pair to a string? Something like this would work:

QStringList data;
foreach(const QString &key, Attributes.keys())
    data << key << Attributes.value(key);
sBuilder += data.join(" ");
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