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When i'm trying to get a value from my access table,and the cell is empty, I get this error:

System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.

its happening when I'm trying to get information from the triplets columns.it may has'nt any value in the cell, but must has in triplet1's column. heres part of the code I wrote.

public Codons(string name)
    this.start = false;
    this.end = false;
    this.dataconnection = new OleDbConnection();
    this.dataconnection.ConnectionString =              "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\\Projects_2012\\Project_Noam\\Access\\myProject.accdb";

    string sql = "SELECT tblCodons.codonsCodon1, tblCodons.codonsCodon3, "+
    "tblCodons.codonsTriplet1, tblCodons.codonsTriplet2, tblCodons.codonsTriplet3, "+
    "tblCodons.codonsTriplet4, tblCodons.codonsTriplet5, tblCodons.codonsTriplet6, "+
    "tblCodons.codonsFullName, tblCodons.codonsStart, tblCodons.codonsEnd"
    +" FROM tblCodons"
    +" WHERE tblCodons.codonsFullName=?";

    OleDbCommand mycomm = new OleDbCommand(sql, dataconnection);
    mycomm.Parameters.AddWithValue("codonsFullName", name);
    OleDbDataReader dataReader = mycomm.ExecuteReader();

    this.codon1 = dataReader.GetString(0);
    this.codon3 = dataReader.GetString(1);
    this.triplet1 = dataReader.GetString(2);
    if (dataReader.GetString(3) == "")
        this.triplet2 = "     ";
    this.triplet2 = dataReader.GetString(3);

    if (dataReader.GetString(4) == "")
        this.triplet3 = "     ";
    this.triplet3 = dataReader.GetString(4);

    if (dataReader.GetString(5) == "")
        this.triplet4 = "     ";
    this.triplet4 = dataReader.GetString(5);

    if (dataReader.GetString(6) == "")
        this.triplet5 = "     ";
    this.triplet5 = dataReader.GetString(6);

    if (dataReader.GetString(7) == "")
        this.triplet6 = "     ";
    this.triplet6 = dataReader.GetString(7);

    this.fullName = dataReader.GetString(8);
    this.start = dataReader.GetBoolean(9);
    this.end = dataReader.GetBoolean(10);

I have also tried null instead of "".

TNX for the help!

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try DBNull.Value –  Joe Dec 8 '11 at 16:33

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Set your string property to (dataReader[3] as string) ?? " ". When a database field is null, the type is DBNull with value DBNull.Value rather than being type string with value null.

You can also check use a conditional like dataReader[3] == DBNull.Value before calling GetString to check if the field is null.

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Brian thanks for clarifying my typo / mistake I am glad that someone can pickup on what I was trying to say.. thanks and I agree it's always better to check first than assume –  MethodMan Dec 8 '11 at 18:15
I used dataReader.IsDBNull and it works.thanks :) –  user1017315 Dec 8 '11 at 21:09

in your code example where you are checking for something like this

  if (dataReader.GetString(3) == "")
      this.triplet2 = "     "; 

I would recommend using == string.empty; or use the isNullOrEmpty() method. There is a difference between Null & empty

So where you have this this.triplet2 = dataReader.GetString(3); try to cast as an object something like this

this.triplet2 = (dataReader.GetString(3) as object) ?? DBNull.Value; 

DBNull is also your best option

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This will still cause a casting exception. The casting error is caused by the call to GetString trying to cast a DBNull to a string. It is too late to recover by then; it won't even get a chance to cast to object. –  Brian Dec 8 '11 at 18:02
I used dataReader.IsDBNull and it works.thanks :) –  user1017315 Dec 8 '11 at 21:09
awesome perhaps you can click the up arrow to vote this one. glad that we could help –  MethodMan Dec 8 '11 at 21:30

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