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Need help with inserting new records to the leads table with a php script

I was able to add the records successful to the leads and leads_cstm tables, however I noticed that the email field is not located in the leads tables so now I am really stuck

Can anyone show me what a insert statement would look, to add a properly related email address to the new lead

thank you

Update *

So far I have added the record to 4 tables in the db, everything looks good in the db, but the email is still not rendering when I view the record from the front end

Am I missing a table?

$firstquery  = "INSERT INTO leads (id, created_by, assigned_user_id, last_name, status, converted, lead_source)";
$firstquery.= "VALUES ('{$id}', '{$createdby}', '{$assigneduserid}', '{$from}', '{$status}', '{$converted}', '{$leadsource}')";

$firstresult = mysql_query($firstquery, $connect);
if (!$firstresult) {
    die("database query failed: " . mysql_error());

$secondquery  = "INSERT INTO leads_cstm (id_c, email_subject_c, email_message_c )";
$secondquery.= "VALUES ('{$id}', '{$emailsubject}', '{$message}')";

$secondresult = mysql_query($secondquery, $connect);
if (!$secondresult) {
    die("database query failed: " . mysql_error());

$thirdquery  = "INSERT INTO email_addr_bean_rel (id, email_address_id, bean_id, bean_module, primary_address)";
$thirdquery.= "VALUES ('{$emailrelid }', '{$emailaddressid}', '{$emailbeanid}', '{$beanmodule}', '{$primaryaddress}')";

$thirdresult = mysql_query($thirdquery, $connect);
if (!$thirdresult) {
    die("database query failed: " . mysql_error());

$fourthquery  = "INSERT INTO email_addresses (id, email_address, email_address_caps )";
$fourthquery.= "VALUES ('{$emailaddressid}', '{$email}', '{$emailcaps}')";

$fourthresult = mysql_query($fourthquery, $connect);
if (!$fourthresult) {
    die("database query failed: " . mysql_error());

Second Update *

It occurred to me that the bean_id should be the same as the main lead id. Before I didn't realize what it was and just put a random UUID there. Bean_module..bean_id... duh

works as expected now

This leads me to another question.. Is this the most concise way to execute these queries, or can I refactor for better performance and eliminate redundancies?

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