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i know its very simple thing but i m stucked on it

i have json variable with data as follow

var jsonText =
 '[ { "user": [ { "Gender": "M", "Minage": "19", "Maxage": "30", "MaritalStatusId":"0",  }] 
    { "user":[ { "maritialtype": "Does not matter" }] 
    { "user": [ { "Value": "No" }]
    } ]';

var jsonObject = JSON.parse(jsonText);

now i can access gender as jsonObject[0].user[0].Gender

but i'm not able to access maritialtype and Value

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For maritialtype:


For Value:


Because you have an array of three objects, user, which is an array or one object. It's kind of a weird structure.

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yes. got it .. i was trying as jsonObject[1].user[1].maritialtype.. thank you @mike –  nav Dec 8 '11 at 16:51

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