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For my application, i have used pinch zoom feature by adapting from the tutorial and creating a custom view http://www.zdnet.com/blog/burnette/how-to-use-multi-touch-in-android-2-part-6-implementing-the-pinch-zoom-gesture/1847

Right now i'm working on capturing the zoomed image as bitmap.

Partially I was able to get the bitmap by making use of

Bitmap bm = Bitmap.createBitmap(finalView.getDrawingCache());

Using this approach, I'm getting both the zoomed image and the screen background.

Is there any way to capture only the zoomed image as a bitmap?

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Bitmap bm = Bitmap.createBitmap(finalView.getDrawingCache());
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no, it's not working.. –  Jitendar Dec 8 '11 at 17:37
try to destroyDrawingCache after the first line please –  weakwire Dec 8 '11 at 17:43
I have tried setDrawingCacheEnabled(false); destroyDrawingCache(); –  Jitendar Dec 8 '11 at 17:48
but same result, getting background in the bitmap.. . –  Jitendar Dec 8 '11 at 17:48
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After having searched a lot, I found a 'Temporary' solution in the same Community & also thanks for the code from 'weakwire' provided in the same post.

Getting coordinates and width/height from a matrix

Idea is simple, all i have do is remove the background screen from the scaled image by cropping. Code is bit lengthy, but worked for me.

  1. First get the Original Bitmap size

    float imgWidth = imgBitmap.getWidth()   
    float imgHeight = imgBitmap.getHeight()
  2. Obtain the matrix ( pinch zoom feature used in my application uses matrix 'trick') values, used to scale the image and get the scaledWidth & scaledHeight of the original image.

    float[] values = new float[9];
    float globalX = values[2];
    float globalY = values[5];
    float scaledWidth = values[0]*imgWidth;
    float scaledHeight = values[4]*imgHeight;   
    // If zoomed Image gets out of screen, I'm trying to crop the image available in the screen by considering image from (0,0)
    globalX = 0;
    globalY = 0;
  3. Finally capture the View and crop the background In my case ("finalView" is the custom View name, where pinch zooming happens)

    Bitmap bm = Bitmap.createBitmap(finalView.getDrawingCache());
    //Final Image Width &  Height
    int finalWidth = Math.min((int)width,(int)finalView.getWidth());
    int finalHeight = Math.min((int)height,(int)finalView.getHeight());        

    // crop to get the scaled image

     Bitmap finalBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bm, (int)globalX, (int)globalY, finalWidth ,finalHeight);

Though this is a temporary solution, it works for me. If there is any alternate solution, please post it.

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