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I'd like to get the Tree icon to use for a homegrown app. Does anyone know how to extract the images out as .icon files? I'd like both the 16x16 and 32x32, or I'd just do a screen capture.

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Note that doing this is a violation of the license. "While the software is running, you may use but not share its icons, images, sounds, and media." –  Raymond Chen Mar 29 '13 at 22:45

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This should get you started. In Visual Studio, choose "File Open..." then "File...". Then pick the Shel32.dll. A folder tree should be opened, and you will find the icons in the "Icon" folder.

To save an Icon, You can right click on the icon in the folder tree and choose "Export".

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Another option is to use a tool such as ResourceHacker. It handles way more than just icons as well. Cheers!

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Just open the DLL with IrfanView and save the result as a .gif or .jpg.

I know this question is old, but it's the second google hit from "extract icon from dll", I wanted to avoid installing anything on my workstation and I remembered I use IrfanView.

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Resources Extract is another tool that will recursively find icons from a lot of DLLs, very handy IMO.

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If you're on Linux, you can extract icons from a Windows DLL with gExtractWinIcons. It's available in Ubuntu and Debian in the gextractwinicons package.

This blog article has a screenshot and brief explanation.

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