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I'm working on a HTA that should do some final modification on the onunload event. The event does not seem to be trigger.

Is the event still supported? Is there a IE event to know when the page is closed?


I checked around (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5651884/javascript-body-onunload-not-working) a bit could not found the same issues.

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Maybe try the onbeforeunload event.

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Are you using HTML 5 doctype <!DOCTYPE HTML>?

A sample code for the onunload event is:

<body onunload="alert('The onunload event was triggered')">

Remember that the onunload event should be within the <body> or a <framset> tag.

Can you supply a link or some code so we can see what is going on and maybe advise more?

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Sadly we need to be compatible with ould IE. 6 and up :( –  David Laberge Dec 8 '11 at 17:44
Damn, sorry. IE6 is a pile of crap and very little works with it. Sorry I wish you luck with your problem. –  Kevin Anthony Oppegaard Rose Dec 8 '11 at 17:49
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