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Read the entire post PLEASE.

I am not looking for a Windows based editor. I am looking for a web based editor that has some of the following. I know of this post, but its not what I want. Please don't mention it.

  1. A lot of mark up capabilities. Exp. Bold, Italics, Indent, Left & right align, etc...
  2. Has Live Preview just by typing, don't want to have to push a button to get it.
  3. Looking for a .NET Editor or cross platform editor.

Point: I must make it clear that I have seen FCK-Editor, FreeTextBox, tinymce, markdown etc...

To Compare: I am looking for something with the capabilities of TinyMCE but has the live preview of MarkDown

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This one is pretty great: http://www.fckeditor.net/

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All WYSIWYG editors (web-based or otherwise) suck, but FCKeditor sucks a little less. WRT a live preview function, there's probably an addition which will add that functionality, and if not, it ought to be easy enough to add your own - just take the contents of the text field and toss it in a div. – Garrett Albright Sep 17 '08 at 15:33
Found a line to make live preview work with FCK Editor case anyone was wondering. FCKeditorAPI.__Instances['instanceNameHere'].GetHTML(); – SpoiledTechie.com Sep 17 '08 at 15:40

Try Aloha Editor.

No iframe. No reload (either to start editing nor to preview) No browser crap. No click at all, if you want. No sync to see changes.

You ACTUALLY edit what you see and it produces clean xHTML(5).


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If you like the one that stackoverflow uses, it is the WMD editor: http://wmd-editor.com/

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You could also check out the YUI Rich Text Editor.

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I don't know if the WYSIWYG is free or not, but they have some pretty cool controls you can check out and they are reasonable on pricing if you talk to them.


Here is a link the the editor in action Link

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My favorite is Moxiecode's TinyMCE

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Looking for a .NET Editor or cross platform editor.

I recommend rich text editor for asp.net and MVC: http://richtexteditor.com

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I second fckeditor, it's a bit outdated however

If you want to spend money, check out Telerik's Ajax RadControls, they have an editor in their package:


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instead of more clutter, you should have voted up the orignal FCKEditor suggestion. – mmattax Sep 17 '08 at 15:22
it's part of the entire post, i will upvote him – kitsune Sep 17 '08 at 15:25

I need one with Live Preview. FCK-editor Does not Offer that and WMD-Editor doesn't offer the capabilities of TINY-MCE.

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Actually, fck editor (at least the incarnations i have seen), has livepreview – kitsune Sep 17 '08 at 15:34

Found a line to make live preview work with FCK Editor case anyone was wondering. FCKeditorAPI.__Instances['instanceNameHere'].GetHTML();

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I don't know of one that offers live preview, but you could do something simple like using TinyMCE, and onchange of the text area write to the innerHTML of a different div with the contents of the TinyMCE editor. This would probably give you what you want.

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I recommend WYMeditor: http://www.wymeditor.org/

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I think you have not yet tried out Xinha. Its Opensource but doesn't seem to have "live" preview...

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