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I'm trying to add 2 styles to a string in javascript, which is then rendered as svg.

The first style is text color:#value; and works fine as svg reproduces this as a fill:#value;

The second style is text-decoration:line-through; which doesn't work because the text is not seen as text, being an svg render.

My question: How do I request my line-through style into the auto-generated highcharts svg?

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Is this what you had in mind?

Here's a fork from the original, only the fork has a textDecoration property set for it.


fork with line-through:

The original is from the Highcharts API example for styling tooltips:

And here's an excerpt of the fork declaring the line-through:

tooltip: {
    style: {
        padding: 10,
        textDecoration: 'line-through',
        fontWeight: 'bold'

Hope this helps.

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Not quite what I'm after. I can get text decoration on the axis elements, however this is an extra element rendered by further js – jamiethepiper Dec 9 '11 at 18:47

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