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I want a widget that have a configuration activity, which asks some information to user. Once the information is provided by user I want my widget to be updated every 10 minutes. So I need an Alarm Manager. On every 10 minutes my widget fetches some data from my website and displays it on widget, for that I can use service.

From many days I am trying to implement this. I googled a lot, but failed while putting all these together. I can implement alarm manager separately, I can implement services separately, I can use configuration activity separately. But when I put all these in a single project I get lots of error.

Can anyone please refer me any document or example that may help me? Regards, Bhavin Mistry.

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Hi you can use AlaramManager to implement timer. I tried its working fine for me in sleep mode also check here for more details also this link may help you.

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Missing the service part but here is a widget with AlarmManager and Configuration Activity:


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