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I have one site parent1.site.com, and I am logged in and I have authentication cookie with domain parent1.site.com.

Is there way so that I can use that cookie, for automatically getting logged in another site, say for example parent2.site.com ?

Suppose I can not change domain of authentication cookie of parent1.amazon.com. I have tried to put the default domain of parent2.amazon.com as parent1.amazon.com, but that is not working.

I would be thankful for any kind of help.

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you can try the solution that is (or it was) integrated in facebook. Once you are login in one of your domains use javascript to create an iframe and load a page from the other one. Then just set cookies in new page loaded in the iframe. It is a dummy and tricky but it works.

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I guess you have to simulate the "trusted" cookie. Your 2 domain should recognize the cookie from the 1 domain and do job.

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