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I'm a complete perl noob, and I'm having trouble installing perlbrew. Someone was helping me, but he's busy all day today, so I'm trying to figure this out on my own. I installed the perlbrew root and modified the bashrc, but now I can't install any version of perlbrew (5.14.2 or any other). This is the error I receive:

Installing /Users/wuzl/perl5/perlbrew/build/perl-5.14.2 failed. 
See /Users/wuzl/perl5/perlbrew/build.log to see why.
If you want to force install the distribution, try:

  perlbrew --force install perl-5.14.2

I tired the force install, that's didn't work either. So I checked the log, it said a whole bunch of stuff, and at the end:

I can't find make or gmake, and my life depends on it.
Go find a public domain implementation or fix your PATH setting!
sh: make: command not found
sh: make: command not found

I'm not sure what that means. I greatly appreciate your help.

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Just like the error message says, install make or gmake. You're probably not on a Unix/Linux system, otherwise you'd probably already have make. So, if you're on any kind of Windows system, find and install gmake. –  Jack Maney Dec 8 '11 at 18:53
That's the confusing part, I'm on a Mac, which is Linux, correct? –  matthewb Dec 8 '11 at 18:55
Strictly speaking, the Mac OS is a branded UNIX. That said, there is still no requirement to include development tools. –  JRFerguson Dec 8 '11 at 19:01
OS X is not Linux. The kernel is derived from Mach 3 and BSD. –  Quentin Dec 8 '11 at 19:08
matthewb: in order to get the 'make' program on a mac, you need to install XCode, which is available for free from Apple's site. –  Ether Jun 13 '12 at 21:04

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You'll need to install the MacOS developer tools. If you're on a current version of MacOS, you can get the XCode Installer for free via the App Store. Otherwise, the installer is on the software DVDs that came with your computer.

Once the development tools are installed, you will have gcc and make and be able to compile perlbrew.

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Great, thanks a lot for the help. After installing XCode, I was able to install perlbrew. However, now I can't install cpanminus, I'm getting this error: ERROR: Can't create '/usr/local/bin' mkdir /usr/local/bin: Permission denied at /Users/bussem/.cpan/build/ExtUtils-Install-1.54-BrmvVv/blib/lib/ExtUtils/Install‌​.pm line 483 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at -e line 1 make: *** [pure_site_install] Error 13 MIYAGAWA/App-cpanminus-1.5006.tar.gz make install -- NOT OK Warning (usually harmless): 'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent stat –  matthewb Dec 8 '11 at 20:29
@user1088336 - Well, it's a permission issue. Fix it. –  Jack Maney Dec 8 '11 at 20:40
You're running the install as an unprivileged user (which is good.) If you want cpanminus installed on your system perl (which you probably don't) you can do it via sudo. However, what you probably want to do is use perlbrew to install a Perl in your own user directory, then use perlbrew switch to use that perl (confirm it by using which perl to see which one you're running.) Then you can install cpanminus as your own user. –  friedo Dec 8 '11 at 20:44
Thanks! You're awesome! –  matthewb Dec 8 '11 at 20:49

You need an environment that supports compilation. The 'make' command is part of that process and you're missing that utility. It would appear that you are running the Mac OS. You need a C compilation environment 'XCode 4'. Your install disks or the online APP store offers it.

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Great, thank you very much. –  matthewb Dec 8 '11 at 20:33

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