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I've got a string of html that I get via $("#datadiv").html();. Within this data are several other elements, and what I would like to do is append some data to one of those elements.


var data = $("#datadiv").html();
var somestring = "Some text"

then append somestring into the div #stringholder inside of data. Is this possible?

And before the question comes, no I can't add it to the div before doing $("#datadiv").html();.

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You can do something like this:


As the html method returns a string, you need to pass it into jQuery again to create a jQuery object. You can then call find to get the element you want, and append to append the other string.

jQuery is quite happy to accept a string of HTML as an argument. It's not just selector strings that are accepted. If you pass in a string of HTML, that fragment will be the context for further method calls.

I think you already know this, but note that this will not affect the HTML in the DOM. It will only affect the fragment produced by passing the string into jQuery.

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This seems to have worked as expected, but now I'm having the problem of assigning the data back to a variable. I tried data = $(data).find("#wysiwygIFrame").append(somedata), but that just assigns the JQuery function to the variable. I also tied data = $(data).find("#wysiwygIFrame").append(somedata).html();, but that doesn't work as I would expect it. So, any tips on that? – Samsquanch Dec 8 '11 at 19:40
Your second attempt looks about right. See a small example here: – James Allardice Dec 8 '11 at 19:45

Do you mean :

var data = $("#datadiv").html();
var somestring = "Some text"
var newData = data + " " + somestring;
var holderData = $("#stringholder").html();
var newestData = holderData + " " + newData;
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Sure. Basically you could dump the string from the current div in to a variable and then concate the additional text and put it back in the div.

var someText = $('#datadiv').html()
var someNewText = 'my new text'
var someText = someText + ' ' + someNewText
$('#datadiv').html('') //this will clear the current text but not really necessary.

you just need to have some event that fires to trigger everything.

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