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My latest Twitter status update has the URL Does anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason behind the number 1743967905? It looks to me as though it might be a sequentially-assigned number for all Twitter users; I certainly haven't update 1.7b times, but all of Twitter might be around that. Anyone know?

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According to the Twitter API docs it is the numerical ID of the status. I'd guess it's unique and sequential across all users, but I don't know for sure. If you need to know more take a look here for the official docs.

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Thanks for the link to the API. Not sure if I got it though. If my rss feed url is, then does that mean my numerical ID is 10179032 ? If so, according to the docs (, I would get an xml feed using, right ? If I try that I get an error node: <error>No status found with that ID.</error>, same if I use the numerial ID instead of the username. Where am I going wrong ? – George Profenza Jun 23 '09 at 17:17

That would probably be the primary key in the status table. That URL format is used to look at a specific tweet.

Note that is the actual feed.

Also, based on how it seems to grow incrementally, this is probably an IDENTITY column or similar.

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Yes, they're sequential.

One of the things it's helpful for is when writing a Twitter client, you can ask for anything newer than the last number you're already seen, so that you don't get and have to parse duplicates.

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