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I'm using Prism 4.0 on a wpf project. I [Export] my ViewModels with contract names and Import them into my Views.

Recently, I found 4 Views that were identical but had 2 different ViewModels all with the same Interface. The only difference were their export contract names. Is there any way that I refactor to 1 View, with 2 exports with an Import statement that picks the ViewModel based on the contract name?

[Export("ContractName1"), typeof(IView))]
[Export("ContractName2"), typeof(IView))]
public partial class MyView: UserControl : IView {

IViewModel ViewModel
   get { return this.DataContext as IViewModel; }
   set { this.DataContext = value; }

and my view models:

[Export("ContractName1"), typeof(IViewModel))]
public class MyViewModel1 : IViewModel

[Export("ContractName2"), typeof(IViewModel))]
public class MyViewModel2 : IViewModel
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Why would you have 2 viewmodels that were exactly the same except for the exported contract names? Why wouldn't you just use 1 viewmodel class but swap the data (i.e. "model")? I don't know if you're able to do what you're asking, but without more explanation of what you're trying to accomplish, I still think it'd be the wrong design. – Thelonias Jan 13 '12 at 16:28
Yeah, this was found in a code review so I was looking for a quick fix. I think I ended up going the 1 view / 1 viewmodel route but refactoring the logic as a service that I then injected based on a navigation param. – itchi Jan 16 '12 at 6:35

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