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I am working on jsp. I have eclipse but don't know how to configure it for servlets and jsps. I want to develop and debug my web application. Which plugin should I get and from where?

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Eclipse for Java EE developers –  BalusC Dec 8 '11 at 20:04

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Instead of installing plugins you should download the right version.

Download: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, 212 MB

This one has the Web Development perspective from the WTP/Web Tools Platform plugin.

I'm not sure if an application server like Tomcat is included. Otherwise download it.

Afterwards add tomcat to eclipse. (There are other guides as well, just google them.)

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you have to install a server like apache or glasfish or jboss to be able to run jsp and servlets on it I suggest you to download the oepe eclipse version of oracle

it has some additional addons to eclipse like previewing jsp and html pages and displaying palette for jsf development and suports ADF its greate.

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