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OK, so I am creating a node/mongo based CMS. I have the basic framework down. I am wanting to add live stats to the admin panel and I was wondering if I could do the following:

I create slave nodes from the master node using the native Cluster call (v0.6).

function start_workers(num_workers){
    for (var i = 0; i < num_workers; i++) { 
        exports.workers[i] = cluster.fork(); 
        console.log('Worker: '+exports.workers[i].pid+' Is Online'); 

Which spawns X number of nodes. I was wondering can I get stats on each worker I spawn?

for instance:

for(var x in workers){

Thanks a lot for your time!

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What exactly are you trying to achieve here..? – alessioalex Dec 8 '11 at 20:52
I would like to get stats for each of the nodes that are running. For instance Mem usage, CPU usage, uptime, etc. – Quinton Pike Dec 9 '11 at 2:52

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