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I'm trying to correctly implement the Open Graph tags for Facebook on a video site, using the og:video tags.

Example :

It works perfectly on a "normal" account (the video is correctly shared, and can be read from Facebook with ou SWF player, or via iPhone apps with the MP4).

When I use a timeline-enabled account, a click on the image/title just redirects me on the page without opening the player ?!

Is there something more to do to make embed videos working with timeline accounts ?

Thank you

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I have an account that has not been upgraded to the timeline, and when I click the link, it opens a new window. I tried with an account that has timeline, and again, when I click the link, it opens a new window. I'm not sure how to reproduce. Can you provide clearer instructions on how to make it play inline with an account? – DMCS Jan 30 '12 at 4:11
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As Hamed Hashemi said your player and video has to have a https links when viewed from https enabled accounts. I had this problem last week and to achieve this I just edit the links to always have https protocol. That way you'll be sure that they are visible from http and https from within the FB page.

Correction: You don't have one og meta tag and that's og:video:secure_url. This is the https URL. So basically you'll have 2 urls leading to the video: one http and ope https. Than facebook will which one show when. Add this url and try it again.

Take a look here:

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make sure if you are on https version of facebook that the swf file is hosted via https as well

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