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What is the best way to implement a system to establish program-wide constants? I have a program that spans several files and I want to have a class that stores constants so that they are available for all the other files. I tried something like this:

in Constants.java

public final class Constants{
    private Constants(){}
    public static final String EX = "mas";

and in test.java

import Constants.*;
public class test{
    public static void main( String[]args){
            System.out.println( EX );

but I get the following error

test.java:1: error: cannot find symbol
import static Constants.*;
  symbol: class Constants

Constants.java and test.java are in the same dir.

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Is your Constants class in the default package? –  Mac Dec 8 '11 at 20:36
no, how can i import the Constants class then? –  Julio Diaz Dec 8 '11 at 20:37
There are really two questions here...why is the solution you implemented not working, and what is the best way to do the type of thing you want to do. –  Michael McGowan Dec 8 '11 at 20:38
the one question what is the best way to do the type of thing i want to do, i just wanted to show an attempt at solving the question. Thanks –  Julio Diaz Dec 8 '11 at 20:39

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You can not import from the default package. See Java Language Specification

Put the class in a package.

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You can't import classes without a package (also called the default package)

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If these two classes are in the same package, you do not need to import.

  1. Remove the import statement for Constants class
  2. In your test class, use the following line: Constants.EX to get the value of EX.
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You'll need to preface your reference to Constants in the import with the full package name.

For example, if Constants and test are in the package "com.mystuff", you'll need to import as follows:

import static com.mystuff.Constants.*;

Alternatively, since your classes are in the same package you don't really need the import at all - just qualify EX with the Constants class, e.g. Constants.EX instead of just EX.

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Any public static final variable will be accessible anywhere without creating an instance of an object. In your case you can access the EX variable with:


In general with good object-oriented design the constants which you include in a class should be specific to that object type. For example if you have a Window object its constant might be "aspectRatio" or "height" but it would be inappropriate to have "nameOfUser" in a Window class as a constant. So sometimes making a "universal" Constants class will inherently make you lose sight of which variables truly belong in different classes when following object-oriented ideals.

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