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I know the potential to query a csv file exists using odbc (See: here), but what about an array in memory?

For example, imagine an array with the following structure:

tbl = [[Dog,Cat,Bird];[1,7,10]]

sql = "select Dog from tbl;"

result = 1

Is this possible? Do I need to write my array to a csv, then re-read the data?

This would be a little painful and circuitous but simple enough.

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That just could be done with Linq to Objects, I think that it's not possible to query against a memory datasource with ODBC.

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If you're in Excel, you can use HLOOKUP (or VLOOKUP)

Sub QueryArray()

    Dim arr(1 To 3, 1 To 3) As Variant

    arr(1, 1) = "Dog"
    arr(1, 2) = "Cat"
    arr(1, 3) = "Bird"
    arr(2, 1) = 1
    arr(2, 2) = 7
    arr(2, 3) = 10

    Debug.Print Application.WorksheetFunction.HLookup("Cat", arr, 2, False)

End Sub

If you're not in Excel, you could set a reference to Excel. Don't discount just looping through the array either. I'm sure you have a lot of elements, but writing a CSV and then ODBC'ing has to have some overhead and it's possible that looping would be faster even with a large array.

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thanks but with this it becomes quite complex (annoying) to do aggregation, grouping, etc. – jason m Dec 9 '11 at 2:14
Yeah, good point. If you want simple stuff like lookups and single variable aggregation, it might work. But if you need all the power of SQL, then nothing else will do. – Dick Kusleika Dec 9 '11 at 15:01

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