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I was using xmlTextReaderGetAttribute (from xmlsoft.org) successfully before, but the API documentation requires that I deallocate the returned xmlChar*. Now my app crashes on the second (the first passes null) call to free(), shown below:

xmlTextReaderPtr reader = null;
xmlChar *attribVal = null;
if (xmlTextReaderAttributeCount(reader) > 0) {

attribVal = xmlTextReaderGetAttribute(reader, (const xmlChar*)"super-Attrib");
if (xmlStrcasecmp(attribVal, (const xmlChar*)"monoMega-Attrib") == 0) {

my project is in C++ but the libxml2 and all examples from xmlsoft.org use standard C.

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This isn't your problem, but why are you writing free(()) with two sets of parens?? What is your project crashing with (segfault?) and can you put prints right before and after that second free just to make sure it is crashing there? – Dan Dec 8 '11 at 21:29
@Dan, I am stepping through it with gdb, it is crashing there. The doube parens (()) are to cast const ness or to void *. I had them in a function until I found it was crashing. – John Dec 8 '11 at 21:40
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Use xmlFree() instead of free() directly:

xmlTextReaderPtr reader = null; 
xmlChar *attribVal = null; 
if (xmlTextReaderAttributeCount(reader) > 0)
    attribVal = xmlTextReaderGetAttribute(reader, BAD_CAST "super-Attrib"); 
    if (attribVal)
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Is there a way to delay-load xmlFree despite being defined and redefined in the globals.h? – NobleUplift Jun 17 at 16:41
Depending on which defines you use when compiling libxml, xmlFree is either a macro that calls __xmlFree() and then dereferences the function pointer it returns, or it is a function pointer variable that points to either xmlMemFree() or free() by default. So you will have to take into account what xmlFree actually is, and in the latter case you can then delay-load whichever function it is actually pointing to (or just point it to your own memory function). – Remy Lebeau Jun 17 at 17:26
Thanks a lot! Most comprehensive answer I've gotten on this question. I'll try it when I get home. – NobleUplift Jun 17 at 18:45

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