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I'm new to PHP, and I'm having trouble understanding how data is passed from forms to the database.

My Form:

<select name="parentgallery" id="parentgallery">
<option value="0" ><?php _e('Choose gallery', 'nggallery') ?></option>
    foreach($this->gallerylist as $gallery) {

        //special case : we check if a user has this cap, then we override the second cap check
        if ( !current_user_can( 'NextGEN Upload in all galleries' ) )
            if ( !nggAdmin::can_manage_this_gallery($gallery->author) )

        $name = ( empty($gallery->title) ) ? $gallery->name : $gallery->title;
        echo '<option value="' . $gallery->gid . '" >' . $gallery->gid . ' - ' . $name . '</option>' . "\n";
    }                   ?>

This select I made is alongside a working GalleryTitle var that is passed to this function on the same page. So I'm guessing this is a good place to pass the data to the database :

if ($_POST['addgallery']){

    if ( !nggGallery::current_user_can( 'NextGEN Add new gallery' ))
        wp_die(__('Cheatin&#8217; uh?'));

    $newgallery = esc_attr( $_POST['galleryname']);
    if ( !empty($newgallery) )
        nggAdmin::create_gallery($newgallery, $defaultpath);

The trouble with PHP ( as opposed to Rails which I'm used to ), is I can't see the lifeline of this data getting passed to the database. I can only guess what is getting passed and how it's being received.

The Question:

How can I post to the database my parentgallery value alongside the galleryname var?

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This is too specific to answer without knowing the underlying behavior of the create_gallery function of whatever existing software you're trying to modify.

The best I can tell you by looking at this, is the value of your parentgallery select on the form, looks like it should be available as $_POST['parentgallery'] in the receiving function. The rest of the implementation, is too dependent on the specifics of that existing application.

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