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I'm feeling a little deflated as I've forgotten something that is probably really fundamental in .NET and generics. Just wondering if there is a way to fix this. Project is C# .NET 4.0.

I have a base entity class BaseEntity for which I am trying to abstract validation.

public abstract class BaseEntity : IEntity
    public bool IsValid
            return validationResults.Count == 0;

The Validator class uses a Static Gateway to initialize with a concrete IValidatorFactory. A provided concrete factory implementation is responsible for creating an IValidator that actual carries out the validation.

public class Validator
    private static IValidatorFactory factory;

    public static void Initialize(IValidatorFactory validationFactory)
        factory = validationFactory;

    public static void Validate<TEntity>(TEntity entity) where TEntity : IEntity
        if (factory == null) return null;
        var validator = factory.GetValidator<TEntity>();
        if (validator == null) return;
        validator.Validate(entity); //Adds validation results to the entity's validation result collection

My problem is that when


is called in the Validator class, TEntity is type BaseEntity instead of the derived entity I need it to be. As a result, the factory tries to return a


instead of


This is probably because Validator.Validate(this) is being called in the BaseEntity class so is actually


when what I want is


Is there anyway to make Validator.Validate<>() use the derived type instead of BaseEntity?

Note that BaseEntity doesn't "know" about the derived types at compile time.

Thanks for your help!

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Don't use generics in the factory:

var validator = factory.GetValidator(entity.GetType());

(Or you may of course decide to move that elsewhere, but the principle remains: call GetType() rather than using typeof(TGeneric)),

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The factory still needs to return IValidator<TEntity> so I'm unsure how that would work as this isn't allowed: IValidator<TEntity> GetValidator(Type entityType); – Mike Rowley Dec 8 '11 at 22:33
This answer provides a reasonable approach but it doesn't provide a solution to my problem. I'll have to revisit how I'm doing things. – Mike Rowley Dec 17 '11 at 0:00

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