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I have a table, it has some checkboxes. I iterate through the rows, and find the checkbox with

var chkboxs = row.select('[name="selected"]') // works - get the correct single array, and can see the checkbox

On the exact same row, I then look for another element, this one named 'cgi_args' - but it does not work. I am new at prototype, so perhaps its something easy.

    var args2 = row.select('[name="cgi_args"]') // returns array of 0 items

Here is the row:

    <div class="the_arguments_for_the_stuff" name="cgi_args" style="display:none;" args="folder=dsome%2Fu%2Fstuf%2FHome&more=sfkjg"></div>
            <input type="checkbox" name="selected">Select</input>
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The "name" attribute is not really valid for a <div> so I bet the underlying "querySelectorAll()" is ignoring it. –  Pointy Dec 8 '11 at 22:14
Thanks. I also changed the div to a link tag and the arg is now an href, which is what it actually is. All working now. –  Tom Andersen Dec 8 '11 at 22:42

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DIVs don't have NAME attributes, use ID or CLASS. Form fields have NAME attributes.

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I think that I will answer my own question: The div I was trying to locate had been thrown out by the html parser in the browser, as there was an invalid character - an '&' (which is not in my original question as I needed to clean it a little for posting).

So from the DOM point of view the div did not exist, and so could not be selected. What I did was select all the divs in the row, and select came back with 3, but a visual count showed 4 in the row. Then I looked more carefully at my div... ran it through a test, etc, found the bad character.

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