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I would like to implement adjustable text size in my application for the sake of readability - quite a few of my users have requested it. The idea is that the user will indicate a preference for larger or smaller text, I'll store it in a SharedPreference, and then I'll make use of that value whenever I load a new activity.

Obviously, I could load up every view that displays text whenever I initialize an activity's layout, and then change the text size on all of them by name, but that seems verbose, error-prone, and difficult to maintain. I would prefer instead to increase/decrease size based on existing size, or even better, existing style (so that if I cared to, 12 could become 16, and 20 could become 30).

I think in my ideal world, I would be able to load all my XML-defined styles before calling setContentView, alter them, "save" them, and have those changes take effect on the layouts I load from that point forward. Having read a bit more, that seems impossible: "The Android SDK tools compile your application's resources into the application binary at build time" and then there's nothing in the Resources class or the AssetManager class underneath that suggests I can change these styles at run-time.

That seems to leave me with traversing my layout in each onCreate, finding the text size of every view for which that value is relevant, and setting a text size that is, say 2 sp bigger or smaller (figuring out sp based on screen density).

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe some of you have been through this before?

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Try creating a theme.


Themes can be applied to the whole activity. You can apply theme using setTheme of Activity.


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This looks pretty good, thanks. The only caveat for my situation is that it can only be applied before views are instantiated in the content, so when someone requests a new font size, it won't take effect unless I re-load the current activity. –  MaximumGoat Dec 12 '11 at 6:00
Well thats how android manages resources. Thats why when you change orientation, android destroys and restarts your app... –  havexz Dec 12 '11 at 6:40

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