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lets assume I have an action like:

    public ActionResult Register()
        // Doing user register
        user_register();   // take almost no time
        // doing some stats and other clean up
        more_clean_up();   // take few seconds
        return View();

here is what I want to achieve:

        return View();

I know above code won't work, more_clean_up(); will never be executed. Since more_clean_up(); task is not important for the view(), also it take time, so I want to it execute some way not block current users view experience.

I know a way to open another thread or go async, but I more prefer if here is a way to:


Does anyone know how to disconnect_from_client(); but not terminate like ApplicationInstance.CompleteRequest(); does


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You should look into spawning a new thread for this using ThreadPool. Simply give it your more_clean_up method (you'll have to make sure it has single object parameter) and you should be all set.

To answer your second question more specifically - No, you really shouldn't be trying to do that.

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