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Imagine a table with [ID, Name, Position, Price]

Currently the table has ALL the records with Position=0 and each record has a different price value.

What is the quickest way to update that Position and set its value unique and based on the Price, where the record with the lowest price is Position=1, the second lowest is Position=2 ...and so on?

thanks in advanced.

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You could use row_number to number rows. A subquery is required to refer to the row number by alias:

update  yt
set    Position = rn
from   (
       select  row_number() over (order by Price desc) as rn
       ,      *
       from    YourTable
       ) yt

Working example at SE Data.

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What a pleasure seeing such an advanced SQL applied so gracefully :-) –  SF Developer Dec 8 '11 at 23:13

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