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I got an event from special API I'm working with, the event I'm working with is defined as

public event EventHandler<QuoteEventArgs> OnQuote

public class QuoteEventArgs : EventArgs

so what I'm trying to do is attach a method to run when I got a new Quote listening to this event.

so what I do is:

myInstance.OnQuote += new EventHandler<QuoteEventArgs>(doThis);

And the method is defined as:

public void doThis(object sender, QuoteEventArgs e){

//code here..


The error I get is:

Cannot implicity convert type 'System.EventHandler<MT4API.QuoteEventArgs>' to 'System.EventHandler'

but I don't seem to have a special eventHandler on the API either, so not quite sure how to make that work.

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There are two classes called System.EventHandler – one is generic and one isn't. Are you sure the OnQuote event is using the generic one? –  millimoose Dec 8 '11 at 22:31
You might still be using a different version of the library than the one that's documented. (One from before C# got generics.) When you mouse over OnQuote in Visual Studio, is the event type in the tooltip EventHandler or EventHandler<QuoteEventArgs>? –  millimoose Dec 8 '11 at 22:42
it says: EventHandler MT4.OnQuote (line break here) Enable OnQuoteMode in DotNetApi EA to use this event –  George Dec 8 '11 at 22:46
ok, so the type of the event is EventHandler, not EventHandler<QuoteEventArgs>. You are using a different version of the library from the one which your documentation is referring to. In your version the event has a non-generic type. –  Adam Ralph Dec 8 '11 at 22:48
@George You're still likely getting a QuoteEventArgs instance passed into your event handler. Just cast the e parameter to QuoteEventArgs –  millimoose Dec 8 '11 at 22:55

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From the comment discussion, it appears that you are using a version of the library in which the event does not have a generic type, i.e. the signature is

public event EventHandler OnQuote;

This means you will also have to consume it in a non-generic way:-

myInstance.OnQuote += new EventHandler(doThis);

public void doThis(object sender, EventArgs e){

   var myArgs = (QuoteEventArgs)e;
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That was it, although casting EventArgs to QuoteEventArgs didn't work, looks like that part of the API was not yet implemented. –  George Dec 9 '11 at 2:16

My guess is that there are two classes with the name QuoteEventArgs, perhaps one from a referenced DLL and one from a generated proxy. Ensure that if you've got usings that the usings are correct.

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