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I want to do something similar to this but I am unable to change the selectedIndex value this way:

var selected = document.getElementById("state-select");

switch (state) {
                    case 'VA':
                        selected.options[selected.selectedIndex] = 0;
                    case 'NC':
                        selected.options[selected.selectedIndex] = 1;
                    case 'SC':
                        selected.options[selected.selectedIndex] = 2;

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did you tried selected.selectedIndex = 0 –  Senad Meškin Dec 8 '11 at 22:39
Wow, that worked! Unfortunately I cannot mark as the answer because you submitted as a comment. Can you resubmit as an answer? –  Darren Dec 8 '11 at 22:50

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For this purpose you don't need to be doing anything with options, you can change the selected element by setting the .selectedIndex property of your select element directly:

case 'VA':
   selected.selectedIndex = 0;
// etc.

(Assuming this is a single-select select element.)

I believe if you set selectedIndex to -1 it will leave no options selected.

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switch statements are cool, but using a hash to do the work can be a lot more flexible. As seen below, you can just check if the state is in the hash, and if so, use it.

var selected = document.getElementById("state-select"),
    states = { 'VA' : 0,
               'NC' : 1,
               'SC' : 2
// if `state` ( not sure what it is ) is in the hash
if ( states[ state ] !== undefined ) { 
   //select option based on the hash
   selected.selectedIndex = states[ state ];

if you need to select/assign-the-select by value, you can iterate over the values, or use qSA or a library like jQuery or dojo to get it.

<select id="state-select">
  <option value="1">NC</option>
  <option value="2">SC</option>

Using jQuery

// select SC
$( '#state-select' ).val( 2 ); 


var sel = document.getElementById( 'state-select' ),
    opts = sel.options;

// loop through the options, check the values
for ( var i = 0; i < opts.length; i++ ) {
    // assuming 2 would be states[ state ] or whatevs
    if ( opts[i] == 2 ) {
      // set to this index
      sel.selectedIndex = i;
      // stop iterating
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selected.selectedIndex = [Your index]
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