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For deploying applications (Ruby apps, in my case) I've used Capistrano and currently use Vlad the Deployer.

What do you use for deployment, and why?

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I use capistrano and subversion.

Capistrano is very well documented inline, and progressively better documented online.

see The Absolute Moron's Guide to Capistrano (take no offence)

Takes a bit to get rolling, but then it's bless.

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I've used Subversion (source control) in the past to handle deployments to the web, and I know it has become more popular as time passes. It makes it VERY easy to roll back if you have problems (on the code side). Here's an article on it:


Here's an article on setting it up on a more unix flavor:


For windows, I use the free VisualSVN bundle:


and then just used the commandline tools to do the actual checkout. I also found this previous question along the same lines (but for PHP):


Personally I don't like to have it fully automated - I still manually trigger the deployment and watch it, but some people may be comfortable letting the machine to things on its own. :)

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