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I am working on writing a call back for my facebook app. Everything was working fine until some days back. After some digging around I found that the callback url was being called twice with the function name as 'payment_get_items'. My first thought was that I was calling the payment dialog twice. However, on debugging I found out that my javascript function that brings up the payment dialog was being called only once. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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They do the call twice for order complete as well (much worse!) , I've had to implement a code fix, i put the order 'in processing' as soon as the first call hits, and check for that before processing, so effectively ignoring the second call.

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I am quoting a note from Facebook official documentation below. Ignore one with status=settled, and just process one with status=placed

Note: Facebook sometimes issues a second payments_status_update request with the settled status. Developers should ignore this request. Facebook will be removing this second request on March 1, 2012 so developers should not depend on it.


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